The co-host of “The Talk” attended the opening night of “Waitress,” a Broadway musical which her husband starred in before his death last year.

Cordero died from complications of Covid-19.

Kloots posted to her Instagram page a series of photos from New York City’s iconic The Barrymore Theater.

“A standing ovation before the show even began! What a night! To see a Broadway show again tonight was unbelievable. I’ve actually never seen a show like this one tonight,” Kloots captioned her post. “I’m literally at a loss for words.”

They dedicated the show to Cordero and sang “Live Your Life” onstage as a tribute.

Also in attendance was actor, Zach Braff, who was one of Cordero’s best friends.

Kloots on Friday posted a tribute to mark their fourth wedding anniversary, writing “You’ll always be my husband, my angel now, but always the love of my life.”

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