COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. — Naples City Council is meeting on Tuesday to talk about making changes to the way people fish on the Naples Pier in order to protect wildlife — specifically birds. 

Council members will discuss proposed changes to the fishing practices at the Naples Pier like: removing the bulk fishing license that covers all anglers fishing at the pier, increasing the amount of patrol coverage provided by the Naples Pier outreach – pelican patrol staff, reducing the amount of time the pier is open for fishing, and updating the current city code of conduct on the pier.

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida said that pelicans get snagged a lot and if it happens to you — there are steps you can take to protect the animals.

NBC2 crews witnessed a bird getting tangled up in fishing line on Monday and his first instinct was to call someone to help him free the bird. 

“There’s a sign up front that talks about how when you get a bird not to cut the line because they want to be able to land it and when they land it, they want to be able to take care of it,” said Cam Hall, the fisherman who accidentally hooked the bird while fishing. 

Officials with the Conservancy of SWFL urge anglers who accidentally tangle with birds to not cut the line. It’s recommended to catch the bird and keep it close while waiting for help to arrive.

If you find yourself tangled up with a pelican or any other bird while fishing at the Naples Pier, call the Conservancy of SWFL at 239-262-0304.

The meeting to discuss changes to the Naples Pier will be held at 2:30 p.m. at the Naples City Council Chamber at City Hall. 

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